About me

I'm a professional lighting designer and lighting operator from Finland. I have 19 years of varied experience working with lights. I design and operate lights for bands on live concert settings as well as for other contemporary art forms. I specialize in crafting art using fog.

With lights I create layered feelings, subtle atmospheres and deconstruct spaces. I like to work with different people, projects and ideas. I am fascinated about darkness, details and underlying structures of perception. My goal is to create interesting, beautiful, touching and exquisite lights. 

After high school my interest in music led me to work for a small Sound and Light company. I learned how to set up lighting rigs and it didn't take long until I noticed that I loved playing along with the music with the lights. The vision of how to bring more out of the live experience with lights was something that seemed to come naturally to me. I worked as a house technician for venues and cruise ships and started to tour with bands. Working with lights turned into my passion.

I have traveled around the world many times with different bands and projects. I toured 10 years with Mayhem. With Sunn O))) I have had chance to do lights in front of a pyramid at Labirinto Della Masone, in Chicago’s Rockefeller Chapel and inside a big cave at The Caverns. I did lights for Carcass on Witchfest 2008 festival at savanna in South-Africa. In 2022 I did lighting design and programmed lights for art piece in Venice Art Biennale at Swiss Pavilion. In "The Concert" lights were interpreting non-existing sound and memory of experiencing a concert.

I still have the curiosity and excitement in me, which is why I develop my skills and ideas all the time. I have held courses in lighting, introducing beginners to both lighting design and programming. The courses I held in Sweden were fully booked and it was a pleasure for me to be able to inspire people. In 2019 my work got recognized when I won WILM Award in category of Best Lighting Designer.

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